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LVD Now Offers Optional Nozzle Changer on Impuls 6020 Laser Cutting System

LVD Company now offers its optional nozzle changer on its Impuls 6020 CO2 laser cutting systems. Featuring storage for 10 nozzles, the option brings greater autonomy, reduces piercing times and increases overall throughput on large table capacity laser systems.

LVD’s Nozzle Changer

Following the successful integration of the nozzle changer on its Sirius Plus CO2 laser systems, LVD is extending the option to its large table capacity Impuls 6020 Lasers to address heavy plate fabrication requirements.

As materials and thickness change throughout the production day, the machine will select the right nozzle for each and every job. Requiring no operator intervention, the nozzle changer reduces downtime, by quickly performing nozzle changes including cleaning the nozzle and checking the nozzle alignment.


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