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Mitsubishi F-Cut Mode Boosts Cutting Speed

I had to share a new video from Mitsubishi showing how dramatic their F-Cut mode is for their 4kW lasers is.  As the article states the NX-F is impressive in its own right, but with the F-Cut mode enabled the cycle time is reduced by %40.  I do notice that the cut strategy is slightly different, so I’m not sure if that is contributing to the reduced time.  I would have also liked to see the specification on the material it’s cutting. Check it out and see for yourself.

Link to NX-F Series Information :

Link to Blog Post :

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LVD Now Offers Optional Nozzle Changer on Impuls 6020 Laser Cutting System

LVD Company now offers its optional nozzle changer on its Impuls 6020 CO2 laser cutting systems. Featuring storage for 10 nozzles, the option brings greater autonomy, reduces piercing times and increases overall throughput on large table capacity laser systems. LVD’s Nozzle Changer Following the successful integration of the nozzle changer on its Sirius Plus CO2 […]

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