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Test AlmaCAM’s Nesting Online

AlmaCAM is offering up a free side by side comparison of their algorithm software against your current one with a cool online tool. The automatic nesting demonstrator is a cloud-based application designed for every company wishing to assess Alma’s automatic nesting and to compare the results with those of other software packages. The site allows you to upload your files and see how AlmaCAM’s algorithm would nest them and then compare it to your current nest. Some new functions have recently been integrated to make this demonstrator even more easy-to-use and to estimate precisely and visually the savings you can make when using Alma’s nesting.

Import and Split of Nesting Layouts

You can now import full nesting layouts made with another nesting software, split them and nest them again using Alma’s algorithms. You will notice that Alma often improves the results!

AlmaCAM's Cloud Based Nesting Demonstrator
AlmaCAM’s Cloud Based Nesting Demonstrator

Benefits Evaluation

You can now evaluate in a few clicks the benefits of using Alma nesting. Based on a list of nesting layouts and the comparison between Alma and your current solution’s efficiency, you can estimate precisely and graphically how much money you would save.

See how much you will save by switching to AlmaCAM
See how much you will save by switching to AlmaCAM

In addition, some minor changes include a better management of units (especially imperial system) and the possibility to process DXF parts geometries with errors, those being fixed during the import. Alma’s automatic nesting algorithms are integrated in the almaCAM software aimed at final users, and in the PowerNest library that can be embedded as a component in third party software applications.  You can find more on the demonstrator, including a tutorial on how to upload and test your parts by following this link:

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