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AKS to Manufacture Mitsubishi’s Water Jets

Mitsubishi Corporation’s subsidiary, MC Machinery Systems,  has announced that it has entered into a multi-year, definitive agreement with AKS Cutting Systems of Cleveland, Ohio to license, manufacture, market and distribute the MC Machinery water jet product line throughout North America. The Mitsubishi Board of Directors has approved the licensing agreement.

Under the terms of the agreement, AKS Cutting Systems will be the exclusive licensee and manufacturer of the MC Machinery MWX Series water jet products and will begin to manufacture the water jet products in Cleveland, Ohio. These products will be marketed alongside the current plasma, oxy-fuel and fiber laser products that AKS offers. AKS will utilize the strength and durability of the MC Machinery design to offer customers a competitive edge in water jet cutting, including using the Mitsubishi CNC control, Taper Control System and Ultra-High Pressure 90,000 psi delivery system.  The executives involved in the agreement believe that both companies will benefit.

“I am pleased to announce this agreement, which optimizes and aligns our core competencies, while representing a successful step in our overall strategic plan. In AKS, we have a partner with a strong reputation and proven record of success, who understands the total market. We believe this agreement recognizes the strengths of each of our companies and puts us both into better position to serve our customers and the market.”

Takuya Yoshino, President of MC Machinery

“We are excited about this agreement with Mitsubishi, which is known throughout the industry for its innovative and robust water jet design technology. We are impressed with the company’s strong customer commitment through service and dedication to its customers. We are proud to be partners with MC Machinery and look forward to growing the water jet market with their support. This agreement offers opportunity for all our products through expanded distribution across multiple channels, and is another example of our focus on long-term growth in action.”

Dale Phillip, President and Principal of AKS Cutting Systems

MC Machinery will support any machines purchased prior to this agreement with parts and service, as well as honor existing warranties.

AKS Cutting Systems, a subsidiary of Kiffer Industries, is a Cleveland-based company that has been at the forefront of high-quality machine tool production for over 90 years. Throughout the years, AKS has developed a strong reputation for durability, accuracy and reliability with thousands of users worldwide. AKS has long-standing relationship with Hypertherm, and is a leading customer of the Hypertherm plasma power supply and CNC equipment.

MC Machinery Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MITSUBISHI, is headquartered in Wood Dale, IL and is a major machine tool leader in CO2 laser, fiber laser, automation, press brake, water jet, wire EDM, sinker EDM, high speed mill, vertical and horizontal mills, lathes and more. MC Machinery Systems utilizes the Mitsubishi CNC Control components throughout their machine tool product line.

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