Squaring Arm

A squaring arm is a versatile tool which attaches magnetically to the bottom Press Brake Die.  The arm provides a level surface with an adjustable edge to act as a stop for aligning parts which do not have enough contact area with the back gauge for proper alignment.   Because the squaring arm attaches magnetically to the v die setup time is quick and there’s no need for special tooling.   Unlike clamping across the bottom die the squaring arm does not interfere with the punch.   The only drawback with magnetic attachment is that it won’t connect with aluminum die blocks used for Urethane Tooling, to utilize the squaring arm you may need to modify the die block with a steel attachment.

An adjustable edge allows for the accurate bending of parts which do not fit squarely into the die.   The shelf incorporated with the arm can also allow an operator to position the part and remove their hands before engaging the brake.  This can make bending small parts safer.  For odd shaped parts and parts with down bends the opposite side of the shelf can still be used as a squaring edge.   Squaring arms come in a both left hand and right had design, denoting which side the arm is on.   This means that right handed operators will prefer the left handed version.

Squaring Arm Video

While is also displays their magnetic protractor this video shows the basic uses of a squaring arm.


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