Galvanneal Sheet Metal is produced by combining the processes of Galvanizing and Annealing.  The galvanizing process first takes place through the hot-dipped method. After this occurs the sheet metal is passed through a furnace heating it above the galvanizing bath temperature to approximately 1000 °-1050 ° for  approximately  10 seconds.  During this time the Zinc coating forms an alloy with the steel leaving the finished coating at %90 Zinc and %10 Iron.  The exact concentration will depend on how long and how many heat treating cycles the sheet is put through.

Galvanneal offers some significant benefits over regular galvanized coatings.  Galvannealed coatings are much harder than galvanized coatings making them more scratch and wear resistant.  Both the hardness and the strength of the bond formed during the annealing process  are particularly applicable to sheet metal bending.  Even though the coating is brittle it resists flaking and cracking when the metal is bent the coating is capable of  remaining  in tact and resist galling.

Benefits Of Galvannealed Sheet Metal

  • High Corrosion and Rust Resistance.
  • Excellent  Paintability
  • Holds Up Well In Cold Working Operations
  • Improved Spotwelding
  • High Wear and Scratch Resistance
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