V-Grooving Sheet Metal


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  • Bedros Jijyan
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    Hi Brian,

    we are Doing a lot of V-grooving in our factory then bending to give edges squarish effect,

    but till now i am not seeing that as formula anywhere nor in softwares like autodesk inventor or solidworks it is all about bending.

    it has certain calculation methods depending on the depth of the groove, material type, grooving tool angle, and so on,

    let me know if you have heard of it,

    we are applying it to Steel with Special CNC machine,

    We are applying it with Router at backside of Aluminium Composite Panels,



    Brian McCarthy
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    Thanks for the comment I will be sure to look into it and let you know what I’m able to find. Are there any pictures or models of what you’re doing so that I can better understand the application?


    Bedros Jijyan
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    hi Brian,

    i have found a video over youtube (link below) showing how we V-groove the sheets

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwRbzIoMOxg (Start watching from 2:30 and on)

    at the end of the video you see how the sheet is V-grooved (some close look)

    – angle of V-groove we have is 104 degrees (52 deg + 52 deg)

    after V-grooving we do bending over the v-grooved line lets say bending 90 degrees (so inside radius will be zero) and outside radius will have small Radius

    Parameters to Consider:
    – Thickness of the Sheet
    – V-Grooving Depth

    lets say you have 2mm thick stainless Steel and you V-groove it 50% (@104 degrees) of the thickness

    Copy paste the link to see what i mean (degree there should be 104 and not 91)

    so you will be left with 1mm thick Stainless Steel (the location that it is going to be bent),

    So All calculations here changes – bend allowance, k-factor ,,etc

    Other points
    – we sometimes do V-Grooving from face of the material and backside depending on the Bending detail required

    Developing with Grooving is the game
    – Inventor 2015 or solidworks does not know V-grooving as Property so i am considering
    thickness of the material = T-V-grooving depth to have the developed part,
    but again this will work fine with easy applications like Tray with 4 returns V-grooved and bent but you will not see the preview of the Real shape…

    i wonder if there are any software’s considering V-grooving (my machine is a simple one – not as the shown video)



    Brian McCarthy
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    Bedros, thanks for the info, I’m not particularly familiar with this technique, hopefully a member of our site is and will be able to help you out. I will include a link to this on our upcoming monthly newsletter.

    Shane Zhang
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    There is one video on the product description page, link to Youtube, check it here:
    V Grooving Machine<a/>

    Hope it can help you.

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