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  • keenan dunnigan
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    my name is keenan and I recently joined this group in search of an answer. I have my own blacksmith shop and I also teach classes and I am in the process of setting up more forges. above these forges I have hoods and at my job I have only been making 4 sided 4 piece hoods to install above these forges. as I am getting ready to install another forge I thought why I couldn’t just bend two L shaped pieces instead of the 4 piece hoods I usually go with. the forge pan measures 20″x18″ all of my forge hoods are 24″ high and are 8″x8″ square at the top when put together. can anyone explain how exactly I have to cut one piece of material in order to obtain these dimensions?? again I only want a two piece hood. I am using 16ga for this project and will be bending this on a press brake.

    Greg Fowler
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    Hey Keenan,

    The easiest thing to do – if you have access – is to use a 3D CAD program to generate the part, and then the software will automagically create the flat-pattern for you.

    I use SolidWorks, but any of the major CAD packages support sheetmetal functionality. If you don’t have access to CAD software you can sign up for a free account, but currently they have not implemented sheetmetal features (though I imagine we’ll see them soon as they are constantly pumping out new features). Even though Onshape doesn’t have a flat-pattern feature yet, it still may be very helpful in designing your hoods…

    A final suggestion, since this appears to be a one-off piece that you won’t be making a bunch of is to hire a contractor designer to do the CAD work for you. I’d be willing to take a stab @ it for you, but my rate is $50/hr which may not be in your budget.

    I hope that helps.

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