simple bending

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  • steve white
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    what is the blank length required to create a formed channel. the material is 1/4″ plate, outside dimension of channel is 12″ and the flange lengths are both 2 3/4″.

    deyner azañedo
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    I recommend u write this part about the K-factor to understand that u need, this factor depends of other parameters but in the last link u can see a table with a good aproximation and for the initial length that indicate this equation Bend Allowance = {\dfrac{\pi}{180} \cdot B< \cdot (IR + K \cdot MT)} well for more recomendation u can see the machinerys handbook

    Shane Zhang
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    that depends on the sheet thickness. If less than 3mm, electrical bending machine will be enough. If thicker than 4mm, then we recommend hydraulic bending machine. You can visit here to learn more:

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