K factor calculation

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  • Dusty Moral
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    Hi everyone,

    I am testing the k factor calculation listed on this web site and I have questions, here goes:


    Wila new standard

    Punch: BIU-021 (1 mm radius)
    Die: OZU-053 (16mm x 30 degrees)

    Material: crs

    Material thickness: 0.101″

    When I did the testing, I performed the formula (bend allowance and K factor) and compared to a actual bend deduction and there was 0.015″ difference. The calculation was larger by 0.015″ compared to the actual measured deduction.

    How can I correct the calculations to be more precise?

    Željko Janda
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    We have K-factor calculator, which can help you.
    You can find it here: http://www.jzmechsoft.com

    deyner azañedo
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    Maybe try to aproximate the length with the BD (bend deduction) if u use thypical value of thickness and angle measure the initial length of the blank and compare with the final length these amount discount of the next bending

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