Hand Held Edge Roller for Thin Aluminum

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  • Dennis Wilson
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    Please excuse the rooky-ness of this query.
    I have a six year old who wants to use the bottoms of aluminum soda cans for a charity arts and crafts project. It is a feasible project HOWEVER…the adults in the room are concerned with the sharp edges of the aluminum once she has cut the can to cull her blanks (the bottom of the can).
    So, I am looking for a couple of hand tools that will perform the following detail work: 1) Something that can grind the jaggedness out of the edges to produce a fairly uniform smooth edge, then 2) Something that will roll the edge over, tucking in the sharp edge, creating a smooth and uniform bead-like finish. Basically we are making something like a curl on a radius.
    **The trick is, her finished concept maintains the roundness from the stamped can cylinder and, she wants to maintain the already stamped dome shape of the can bottom.

    I can do this in wood but, have not worked extensively with metal since high school days. Hoping that someone can direct me to some source of detailing tools where I might find something like this that is not an industrial press. If not, I might be able to fab up something myself but you know children, they need it now.

    Any assistance or direction is warmly appreciated. Thank You in advance.

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